Rainbows and Windows

Let your true colors light up your life. Access the Window of Opportunity for Positive Change.

Rainbows and Windows Services

Rainbows and Windows, Inc. Where Behavior, Academics, Family, and Community, connect to find Success.  Through various workshops and socializing experiences individuals will build soft skills, while increasing family connections and strengthening their communities.

Workshops Topics and Socializing Experiences Include:

Building positive behavior skills- establishing internal controls, learning the value of a cooperative spirit, building a sense of community, exploring relaxation skills, de-escalating anger, accepting, and becoming comfortable with vulnerability. 6-week cycle


Utilizing Communication skills that lead to positive behavior- Identifying and expressing personal needs in a respectful manner. Practicing the art of speaking and listening. Valuing the opinion of others. 4-6 week cycle


Engaging in Career readiness- Work appropriate; dress, relationships, communication, response to duties and responsibilities, and establishing positive relationships with co-workers. And supervision. 4-6 week cycle


Developing Emerging Leaders- Identifying personal strengths and strategies to further develop them. Setting leadership goals. Identifying community needs. Becoming comfortable with public speaking, organizing community activities. Importance of positive image. 6-week cycle


Improving study skills while developing positive academic habits- Establishing and maintaining a personal study schedule. Identify a specific location for studying and specific studying atmosphere. Arrange for any study needs. 6-week cycle


Self-care – Identifying and personalizing healthy life styles and positive choices, meditation, planning leisure activities, identifying need for and value of self-care. 4-week cycle


Increasing self-esteem- Identifying personal strengths. Learning self-value. Setting personal goals.  Learning positive self-talk. Meditation. 5-week cycle


Social emotional learning- Raising awareness of present and previous life experiences and potential impact on present functioning. Identifying positive manner for moving forward. 4-week cycle


Academic success- Consultation regarding academic needs and concerns Identifying specific strategies for approaching concerns. Providing recommendations to academic setting. Providing consultation to family for implementation at home. 3-week cycle and Consultation.


Positive behavior Intervention Support/Response to Intervention- Identify specific scientific interventions to improve academic and behavioral concerns. Provide formal recommendations to academic settings for students. Provide specifics to families for implementation of interventions in the home. 3-week cycle


Tiered support- Identifying and securing supports in educational setting, home and community. Consultation Session


Planning Skills– Designing a plan for setting and reaching goals in academics, daily activities finance, self-care, etc. 3-week cycle


Personal Finance Skills -exposure to banking, saving, credit and budgeting. Learning strategies and the importance of personal finance. 6-week cycle


We are Family Workshops- Families will participate in workshops designed to build and strengthen communication between the family unit. Family goal setting, positive interactions through the use of identified “love language” producing effective communication will be developed.


Workshops will be conducted both, in-person and virtually.